Vent Hood Cleaning

Commercial Pressure Washing in Beaumont TX

Eliminate the Risk of Grease Fires with Certified Kitchen Vent Hood Cleaning & Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service from Frog Wash Pressure Washing.

Every year thousands of restaurant grease fires are reported, with the total cost of property losses over $150 million! In a report from the United States Fire Administration and National Fire Data Center, There were over 7100 restaurant fires in the United States last year which caused 108 injuries and over $156 million in property loss. 64% of those fires were caused by dirty vent hood systems. Only 41% of those fires were able to be contained to the vent hood and grill areas. The other 59% of the fires consumed the restaurant or did extensive damage causing the restaurant to rebuild, relocate, or close its doors indefinitely.

Kitchen hood fires can happen if fuel (grease) and flame or intense heat is brought together. The first line of defense is to have your kitchen hood system / kitchen exhaust system free of greasy build-up. This means keeping the hoods, ducts and exhaust fans in your kitchen free from obstruction with a professional cleaning.

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